​181 Mabel, Cotter, Arkansas 72626

Total Event Registrants: 733

States Represented: 29 

Men: 297

Women: 436

Oldest Finishers:

5K: Rebecca Carabelas, 73, Lakeview, AR

13.1: Anita Hayden, 74, Mtn. Home, AR

26.2: Eugen DeFronzo, 80, Cheshire, CT

Youngest Finishers:

5K:  Ava Mccullar, 6, Sherwood, AR

13.1: Connor Jackson, 13, Manila, AR

26.2: Grace Jensen, 15, Mtn. View , AR

Total Event Registrants: 686

States Represented: 31

Nations Represented: USA & Canada

Men: 285

Women: 401

Oldest Finishers:

5K: Jim Beard, 72, Mountain Home, AR

13.1: Betty Williams, 77, Shannon Hills, AR

26.2: Eugen DeFronzo, 77, Cheshire, CT

Youngest Finishers:

5K:  Ella Mathewson, 7, Springfield, MO

13.1: Calix, Fattmann, 12, Walnut Shade, MO

26.2: Gracie Jensen, 12, Mountain View, AR

Runners' Stories

Total Event Registrants: 723

States Represented: 37 (Including Puerto Rico)

Nations Represented: USA (Including Puerto Rico) & Canada

Men: 307

Women: 416

Oldest Finishers:

5K: Maribeth Sayre, 72, Concord, CA

13.1: Tony Casey, 73, Herculaneum, MO

26.2: Daniel Shuff, 79, San Antonio, TX

Youngest Finishers:

5K:  Taylle Harvey, 8, ​Mountain Home, AR

Half: Hendrix Hughes, 9, Mountain Home, AR

26.2: Kaelen Galloway, 17, Little Rock, AR


Matt Goodmiller

2014 Marathon Finisher


Muskogee, Oklahoma


"Every year firefighters  sacrifice their lives for others. On average, 100 firefighters will give the ultimate sacrifice to save lives and property every year. They don't give it a second thought,it's what they know could happen being in this profession. God spared my life many years ago and used those who had prepared for accidents to help me. It is because of this and the direction from Christ I am now able to do the same for others.It is my passion to help others, and in doing so we are serving the Lord.  I want to honor those who have given all and that is my reason for wanting to run this marathon in full structure gear. My structure gear and SCBA (air pack) will weigh around 30 pounds. That combined with a lot of heat  taxes the body quick. "Give till it hurts, that others may live" has become a goal in my life. But if we save someone's life physically and never share that Christ wants to save them spiritually from an eternal fire that can't be put out by anyone, we will have failed. I owe my life to Christ and it is from Him I draw my strength. Remembering the real Hero,Jesus Christ. "I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, and I will endure." Corinthians 3:5 says it best. Not that our sufficiency is of ourselves, to think anything of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of Christ." 

Q:  What makes putting on a marathon one of the best experiences?  

A:  Meeting the participants from near and far with backgrounds as varied as the colorful shoes we see toeing up to the starting line.  

Who Runs WRM?


Jennifer Cates

2016 Half Marathon Finisher

Pottsville, Arkansas


Jennifer Cates completed her first half marathon...in a wheel chair!

​Leslie Hesselbein is proud, and with great reason, of her friend Jennifer.  Having completed her first 5K only months before, Jennifer made White River Half Marathon one for the books!  Read all about Jennifer and Leslie's trip from 5K to Half including the training and race weekend details in the blog-post titled "Winter Win!".  The WRM certainly is humbled to be selected for this extraordinary event in Jennifer's life!


eMargarete Burke

2016 5K Finisher

Saint Joe, Arkansas


She finished teh 5K while using a walker...she's bad to the bone and that's all there is to it!

2014 Marathon - Men's Division

Homer Mason 3:04:01.67

Witts Springs, Arkansas

2014 Marathon - Women's Division

Jill Peters 3:20:55.43

Liberty Township, Ohio

2013 Marathon - Women's Division

Patricia Schaefer  3:12:59.8

Springfield, Illinois

Total Event Registrants: 775

States Represented: 33

Men: 313

Women: 462

Oldest Finishers:

5K: Rebecca Carabelas, 72, Lakeview, AR

13.1: Anita Hayden, 74, Mtn. Home, AR

26.2: Eugen DeFronzo, 79, Cheshire, CT

Youngest Finishers:

5K:  Brody Cottrell, 4, Calico Rock, AR

13.1: Hendrix Hughes, 10, Mtn. Home, AR

26.2: Grace Jensen, 14, Mtn. View , AR

2016 Half - Men's Division

Craig Adams 1:16:51.20

Bentonville, Arkansas

2015 Marathon - Women's Division

Abrena Rine 3:15:25.76

Springdale, Arkansas

2013 Marathon - Men's Division

Matt Hoyes 2:39:14.1

Bardstown, Kentucky

Saturday, November 23, 2019

2016 Marathon - Men's Division

Erick Skaug 2:58:16.30

Jonesboro, Arkansas

2016 Half - Women's Division

Sara Ibbetson 1:22:37.80

Ozark, Missouri

2015 Marathon - Men's Division

James Glidewell 3:00:37.98

Fort Smith, Arkansas

2016 Marathon - Women's Division

Carolyn Yang 3:01:17.98

Rogers, Arkansas